Submitting Contracts

Submit Contracts with a check for the school's portion of the artist fee

Contracts and payment deadlines vary. Materials must be submitted together and are due at least two weeks before the grant-supported event, or no later than 5 pm on Friday, December 10, 2019—whichever date is earlier.  Contracts and payments received after this deadline will not be accepted and grant funds will be forfeited.

Contracts submitted without payment will be returned to the school until payment is obtained.  Mail or hand deliver the items to United Arts Council’s office (no fax or email submissions will be accepted). Please do not staple the contract or the check.  

After United Arts receives and signs the contract, copies of the executed contract then will be forwarded along to both the school and the artist.

Schools portion of the artist's fee

A check made payable to “United Arts” for the school’s portion of the artist’s fee must accompany the contract. 

Schools may submit either one check per artist’s fee, or one check that covers multiple artists’ fees.  If submitting one check for multiple fees, all corresponding contracts must be sent with that check.