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United Arts Council

Board of Directors

The United Arts Council Board of Directors consists of members that represent a variety of businesses, industries and communities.

2018-2019 Board of Directors

Adrienne Kelly-Lumpkin, Chair
Mark Steward, Chair-Elect
Allison Itin, Vice Chair Administration
Susan Edwards, Vice Chair Development
Heather Allen, Vice Chair Grants
Kay L. Bailey, Secretary
Ryan Cottrell, Treasurer
Gene Jones, Immediate Past Chair
Eleanor H. Oakley, President/CEO

Vickie Adamson,
Wake County Board of Commissioners
Greg Ford,
Wake County Board of Commissioners
Richard A. Thompson,
Raleigh City Council
Grier Martin,
N.C. House of Representatives
John Johnston,
Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce




Anna Churchill
Angie Emerline
Joyce Kohn
Diane Kuehn
Suzie Koonce
Erica Leatham
Helga Leftwich
Clay Martin
Jason Newton
Rachael Pair
Seth Palmer

Mark J. Prak
Martin Seligson
Kal Trinkner

2018-19 Board Notebook

410 Glenwood Avenue, Suite 170
Raleigh NC 27603

Phone: (919) 839-1498
Fax: (919) 839-6002