Post-Program Requirements

After the program concludes, Cultural Arts Representatives need to follow-up with several items.


The Cultural Arts Representative—and teachers and administrators—should submit an online evaluation with anonymous feedback about an artist’s program. It is imperative to complete the evaluation in a timely manner, as an artist receives payment once feedback is submitted. United Arts will pay artists within 10 business days of submission of the online program evaluation.  Evaluations from both the artist and the school must be received to trigger payment to an artist.

In the week before a grant-supported program, United Arts sends a Cultural Arts Representative an email with a link to an online evaluation. Upon the program’s conclusion, the Representative should complete the evaluation and forward the link to appropriate faculty and staff so that participating teachers and administrators who observed the program may evaluate it. 

The anonymous feedback is shared with artists to reflect on areas of strengths and opportunities for improvement. To review feedback on a particular program at your school, email the Program Coordinator at the United Arts Council and the school’s evaluation will be shared with you.

Work Samples

Residency programs should culminate with a student product.  Examples depend on the type of residency activity, and may include a dance performance, dramatization, anthology, artwork, etc.  Please share these student products with the United Arts Council; invite United Arts to observe a performance or the unveiling of artwork, or share a few student writing samples.