Checklist and Step-by-Step Guide

Determine budget

Peruse artist directory

Identify programming needs

Attend Cultural Arts Booking Fair

Finalize action plan and confirm dates with school

Discuss programming with all participating teachers

Negotiate tentative agreement with artist(s)

Submit grant application and fee

Receive and share notification of award

Complete artist(s) contracts with appropriate signatures and appropriate contract forms 

Submit signed contracts with school’s matching payment

Prepare for program by confirming details with school and artist(s) - including date, time, classes, space needs, technical requirements, additional supply costs, and parking instructions 

Residencies only - schedule the required planning meeting between artist(s) and teachers 

Remind administration, parents and teachers of upcoming programming 

Welcome and assist artist(s) as needed on program day 

Provide an introduction for the artist and remind students of behavioral expectations

Complete required on-line evaluation and forward survey on to participating administrators and teachers