Dates and Deadlines


July 26, 2018, 10 am Cultural Arts Representative Training held at United Arts' office; pick one. 
No need to register; 
simply show up!
August 4, 2018, 10 am Cultural Arts Representative Training; see above!
August 7, 2018, 6 pm Cultural Arts Representative Training; see above!
August 11, 2018, 
8:30 am – 4 pm
Cultural Arts Booking Fair at Wakefield High School
September 7, 2018, 5 pm DUE: Grant Application and $100 application fee
September 14, 2018  Grant Award Notifications sent
September 14 – 
December 7, 2018
DUE: Completed and signed contract(s) with the school’s matching payment(s). 
Due at least two weeks before the program, with all contracts for the entire year 
due no later than December 7th.
October 1, 2018  First date on which a grant-funded program may occur
December 7, 2018 DUE: Last day signed contracts and school contribution payments will be 
accepted for 2018–19 school year

Year-Round Schools

United Arts offers an opportunity for year-round schools to apply for grant funding to support one program that occurs outside the regular AIS schedule. This program is inclusive of, not in addition to, the total number of programs for which a school may apply for the entire school year.

To be eligible for a Summer Grant, schools must:

  • Follow a year-round or modified schedule,
  • Have participated in Artists in Schools during the previous school year,
  • Schedule a program in the summer months (July, August, September), and
  • Meet the Summer Grant deadlines

May 1, 2018                                               Summer Grant application sent to eligible year-round schools

June 1, 2018                                                  DUE: Summer Grant application with $100 application fee

June 4, 2018                                                  Summer Grant Award Notifications sent

June 29, 2018                                               DUE: Completed and signed contract with the school’s
                                                                       matching payment. 

July 16, 2018                                                First date on which a grant-funded program may occur for Summer 2018