Cultural Arts Booking Fair

The 2019-20 Booking Fair is confirmed for August 10, 2019. Beginning this year, the event name will be changed to the Artists in Schools Expo. 

This event always occurs annually at a Wake County public school on a Saturday in August.

The Expo is an annual event during which Cultural Arts Representatives have the opportunity to meet and observe a sampling of artists whose programs are included in the Artists in Schools Directory.  This day-long event provides the opportunity to:

Meet artists at their booths: Approximately 70 artists have booths set up in a trade-show format.  Meet artists and learn about their program(s) and availability.

Observe the showcase: Approximately half of the attending artists present brief excerpts of their programs in the Elementary Showcase or the Middle/High Showcase, held throughout the day. While artists present programs at either the elementary or the middle/high level, many have programs that are appropriate for multiple grade levels. A specific showcase is included for artists offering Writer Residencies.

Be inspired by the artists and programs you see . . . or get your school calendar, if it is available, and be prepared to tentatively book artists. Either way is fine—there’s no one right way to do it!  The Expo is free and open to the public; invite school faculty, administration, PTA members, and your children.  All are welcome to drop by!