Contract Templates and Types

As the Artists in Schools program is a three-way partnership between the school, the artist, and the United Arts Council, specific contracts must be used when booking artists through this program. Each contract corresponds to one of the three grant areas in which schools may apply for funding:


Writer Residency


First, Cultural Arts Representatives must ensure date(s), time(s), venue, and number of participating students are acceptable to both the artist and the school.

Second, Cultural Arts Representatives will select the appropriate contract and complete it with the information confirmed by both artist and school. 

Third, the Cultural Arts Representative will obtain signatures from:

  • the artist
  • the school principal
  • the PTA President

Once the document is complete, the Cultural Arts Representative should verify that each signature is dated and each name is clearly printed beneath the signature.

Note:  Neither a contract provided by the artist, nor one provided by the school, may substitute or supersede the United Arts contract. Technical riders (documents that specify equipment, technical and other needs) as provided by the artist are allowed, but they may not site additional requirements that are not specified in the Artists in Schools Directory.