List of Work Samples

This list is to identify and supplement your work samples with more detailed description. Here you will list titles, dimensions, materials, date completed, length of performance, location and date of performance, your role, and any other technical or descriptive information that's pertinent.

You may wish to expand on the above information further, as appropriate to your art form:

  • For visual artists
    Title, date of completion, medium, dimensions, and (for installations and time-based works) description of experiential aspects not apparent in images
  • For composers and songwriters
    Title, date of completion, running time of selected segment, and instrumentation
  • For choreographers
    Title, date of completion, running time of selected segment, where and when the performance represented took place, and the performers or ensemble
  • For filmmakers
    Title, date of completion, running time, original format, your role and the role of other key people in the production, relevant technical considerations, and a brief synopsis of complete work
  • For writers
    Title, genre, and (if you're submitting an excerpt of a longer work) a brief synopsis of the work as a whole
  • For performers
    Instrument or role played, name of production, when and where performance took place, and name of ensemble or company if part of a larger production
  • Performance Example: Dracula, performed at Park Dance Studio, 2014; applicant performs the role of Dracula
  • Music Example: Two songs written and performed by applicant, 
    Track 1 is "Blue" (3:35 Length); Track 7 is "Pink" (4:15 Length)