Provide a list of up to three references with contact information (name; title; phone; email). References should be from individuals familiar with your recent work and who support the proposed project. These individuals may or may not be contacted. Personal references are less effective than professional recommendations; references from family members will not be accepted. Make sure your name and discipline are included at the top of the page.​



Submit a list of up to three persons that may or may not be contacted as a reference. As a general rule, unless you have known, qualified references who can speak specifically and enthusiastically about your abilities as an artist, their value to you and your application is only that they not damage your credibility. So, if you submit them, choose your references with the Hippocratic Oath in mind: First, do no harm.

Then, consider the following:

  • First-hand knowledge of your work as an artist

  • Professional credentials (this is not a personal recommendation)

  • How recent is the reference's encounter with your work

You will want to tell your references about the project you are planning and send them a resume. They should be able to speak in an informed way about their estimation of your ability to do the project. If they can't do that, then you would want them to speak positively about their experience with you on other kinds of projects and/or their assessment of your commitment and skill as an artist. Always ask your intended reference for an honest opinion about whether they can provide a strong recommendation for you, and don't be offended if they don't think they can. It's better to know ahead of time than to find out afterwards you asked the wrong person.