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United Arts Council

School Grants

Ligon Middle students worked with Story Tapestries artist, Arianna Ross, in the creation of this studio project.

School Project grants are intended to enhance and strengthen arts education in Wake County, to broaden or deepen programs offered for pre-K through 12th-grade students and/or to encourage collaborations between artists and schools. The majority of project activities must take place within the school environment, school day, and school year. Professional development activities may occur outside the school environment or school day. Field trips may occur outside the school environment. School Project grants are not intended to substitute for a school’s arts education program. Funds cannot be used for permanent personnel positions.

School Planning & Innovation grants are intended to assist in the development of long-term, innovative, and arts-based educational programs that involve teaching artist(s) or arts consultant and may involve partners or collaborators. Programs developed must demonstrate strong connections to the Common Core and NC Essential Standards. Schools may apply for a one-year planning grant. If a planning grant is awarded and the project is successful, the applicant may apply for an implementation grant in the School Project or Youth Arts category, if applicable, in subsequent years. Receiving a planning grant award does not guarantee funding for implementation. United Arts will also consider innovative concepts/projects that contribute to a change in instructional practice, leadership in the arts or an increased emphasis on the arts in the school culture.

To learn more about programming grants, contact Ragen Carlile at [email protected] or (919) 839-1498, ext. 209.

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