Arts Integrated Lesson Plans

Quilting the Regions of North Carolina

Tom Teachout, Lori Cavaco, Janet Masouras

How can we deepen our knowledge of communities and environment through research, art, and music?

Students will:
1. Understand the similarities and differences of the 3 geographical regions of North Carolina
2. Research an animal of the region
3. Explore folk music and visual art
4. Create a visual art piece that demonstrates their knowledge and understanding of NC regions and geographical relationship to their animal


Google Earth
Wildlife magazines


Week 1
Media and Technology
1. Introduction to the regions of North Carolina
2. Google Earth Exlporation
3. Choose a region and print a 1 ½, ¼, and detail view

1. Look at visual art print –Quilting/ North Carolina Folk Art
2. Students will paint background based on Google\Earth photos as pertains to quilting

Explore the webquest on Appalachian Mountain music

Week 2
Media and Technology
1. Choose an animal from your region to research
2. Using encyclopedias and the Internet research your animal

1. Discussion about what they have learned in media and technology
2. Sketch an outline of the animal
3. Fill animal shape with black tempera paint

Explore the webquest on Appalachian Mountain music

Week 3
Media and Technology
Continue on region and animal research

1. Continue work on habitat quilt
2. Students will study various quilting techniques
3. Students will begin adding details/stitches to quilt background

Week 4
Media and Technology
1. Continue on region and animal research
2. Begin creating a photostory of their research

1. Review of previous week’s work
2. Work on habitat details

Week 5
Discussion and Presentation of Research and Visual Art

Differentiation Approaches

Side coaching


1. Rubric for research
2. Checklist for presentation
3. Weekly written assessment
4. Final project
5. Weekly observation

Follow Up and Extension Ideas

This unit could also be adapted any grade level study in science and social studies.

Additional Details

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