Scheduling Programs

Schools following the traditional calendar may apply for Artists in Schools (AIS) grants to support programs scheduled between October and June. Schools following a year-round calendar may apply for one grant to be used for programming in the summer months (July, August, and September). Summer programs follow a separate grant application and contracting schedule.

Cultural Arts Representatives

Cultural Arts Representatives are volunteers who serve as the primary liaison between a school and an artist. They are either parent members of the school’s PTA or teachers within the school; some have served their schools for many years, while others are new to Artists in Schools. A school may have more than one Cultural Arts Representative. Cultural Arts Representatives collaborate with faculty, administration, and the PTA to identify the school’s cultural arts programming needs and decide which artist(s) to invite to work with their students. 

Cultural Arts Representatives may choose to work together and arrange “block booking”, scheduling an artist at different schools on the same day or back-to-back days. However, Cultural Arts Representatives are not responsible for coordinating block bookings on behalf of an artist.

Connecting with Schools

AIS artists receive bookings at schools through various ways, including:

  • the Artists in Schools Directory, a publicly accessible online resource that lists all Artists in Schools approved programs;
  • face-to-face meetings during the Cultural Arts Booking Fair, which Cultural Arts Representatives are required to attend; and
  • direct communication with Cultural Arts Representatives.

To assist with communication, United Arts distributes emails of Cultural Arts Representatives who elect to receive correspondence. Terms of use for these email addresses:

  • always blind carbon copy (Bcc) email addresses;
  • remove Cultural Arts Representatives from distribution list if requested to do so; and
  • send no more than one email per week.