Contract Templates

Any program booked through Artists in Schools  (AIS) must use a specific United Arts Council contract template—as Artists in Schools is a three-way partnership between the artist, the school, and the United Arts Council. Each template corresponds to one of the three program types for which schools can apply for grant funding: Performance; Workshop/Residency; and Writer Residency.

Neither a contract provided by the artist nor one provided by the school may substitute or supersede the United Arts contract. Technical riders as provided by the artist are allowed but may not site any technical requirements that are not also specified in the Artists in Schools Directory.

Completing a Contract

Upon receiving official notification of its grant award(s), a school’s Cultural Arts Representative identifies the correct contract template, fills in all required information, and obtains signatures from the artist, school principal, and PTA President. The school then sends the contract to United Arts for its signature. United Arts will send a copy of the executed contract to both the artist and the school.

Contracting Deadline

It is the responsibility of schools to submit all signed contracts by the published deadline. The school’s portion of the artist fee must accompany the corresponding contract. All contracts and payments are due to United Arts at least two weeks before the grant-supported event, or by Friday, December 6, 2019—whichever date is earlier. Contracts and payments are not accepted after that date, and schools will forfeit grant funding for programs whose contracts and payments are not received by the deadline.

Contract Amendments & Schedule Changes

United Arts needs to maintain records with accurate information and data, and it is the responsibility of the school to inform United Arts of any deviations from the executed contract.

If a program needs to be rescheduled or cancelled, the artist and school should work together. When an artist is ill or otherwise unable to get to a school, the artist must notify the Cultural Arts Representative and/or primary school contact immediately and attempt to reschedule the program. In the event of inclement weather or school closing, the school must notify the artist immediately and attempt to reschedule the program.  

If a program does not occur on the contracted date, there are five options:

  • School and artist reschedule for the current school year
  • School and artist reschedule for the next school year (United Arts holds the grant for the next year)
  • If the school cannot reschedule, the school must pay the artist, as bound by the contract
  • If the artist cannot reschedule, the school may use its grant to schedule another artist for the current school year; or the school may forfeit its grant and have its matching funds returned
  • If both the school and artist are unable to reschedule, the school’s grant is forfeited and its matching funds are returned.

Use of Other Contracts

Schools participating in AIS may book Directory-approved programs that are not supported by AIS grants, in which case any contract may be used. If an artist’s contract is used, all aspects of the program will be handled exclusively by the school and artist. As a service to schools participating in AIS, a United Arts Council contract template may be used, in which case the contract and program will adhere to all AIS procedures and be submitted to United Arts with full amount of the funds by the published deadline.

As local community groups and municipalities utilize the Directory to book programs, these organizations (like the Johnston County Arts Council) use their own contracting and payment procedures and may follow guidelines different from those set forth by the United Arts Council.