Annual Requirements

Once artists are accepted into the program, they must adhere to the following annual expectations:

Artist Agreement

Artists will be asked to sign an agreement confirming that they will adhere to the terms and expectations as outlined in the Artists in Schools Artist Guidelines.  This agreement must be renewed annually.

Artist Participation Fee

Artists will pay an annual fee to begin or renew participation in the Artists in Schools program. Artists may pay online or print and mail a paper invoice with a check to the United Arts office. 

Background Check

Using the National Sex Offender Public Web United Arts staff performs a background check on all approved artists annually. This practice safeguards the integrity of the  Artists in Schools Directory and the artists whose programming the United Arts Council endorses.

Artists submit the full legal names and birth dates of all individuals and group members who could facilitate programs listed in the Artists in Schools Directory. Once cleared, individuals are added to the United Arts Council Cleared Artist List, which is made available for schools via the Wake County Public School System intranet. Private schools may request this list as needed. Only the individuals included on this list are approved to participate in Artists in Schools programs.

United Arts is not responsible for providing compensation should an artist neglect to comply with this requirement.


Wake County Public School System requires vendors and presenters to carry a certificate of liability. As a service, United Arts holds a certificate of liability insurance that covers Artists in Schools artists when (and only when) they facilitate events that are contracted through United Arts.

Photo Release

United Arts reserves the right to photograph artists when they are engaged in Artists in Schools supported activities, such as at the Cultural Arts Booking Fair or during a school visit. Photos may be shared via the United Arts website, social media and other marketing materials.

Post Program Review

Schools submit evaluations after each Artists in Schools supported program.  United Arts reviews these evaluations and shares summaries with artists after the school year concludes.  Additionally, United Arts staff frequently visits schools to observe an artist and/or an artist’s program. Cause for removal from Artists in Schools may include, but is not limited to the following:

  • failure to abide by the contractual agreement
  • low skill or proficiency in implementing artistic program with K–12 students
  • unprofessional behavior (e.g. tardiness, appearance, demeanor, interaction)
  • implementation of a program other than what is described in the Artists in Schools Directory unless modified through proper planning channels 
  • unresponsiveness, or violation of terms of email usage when communicating with Cultural Arts Representatives or United Arts staff 
  • unsatisfactory evaluations from schools or United Arts staff
  • no bookings throughout the year