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A motivational commentary by actor/playwright Mike Wiley that speaks to his experiences and influences as a boy growing up in Virginia, a young man finding his inner voice, and his journey to becoming a professional touring artist and entrepreneur in America. It is a statement of gratitude to those who incite greatness, and a call to action to those who aspire to... It is a personal sharing about a long-planted seed. Originally written for Arts North Carolina as a message to arts advocates and state legislators, the speech has been presented as a key note, commencement address, and at education and arts conferences.

“A marvel to watch...”
— Robert McDowell, Triangle Theatre Reviews 

Artist/Presenter Background

Mike Wiley is the NC-based playwright, actor, teaching artist and director whose distinctive original works in documentary theatre, film, educational residencies and performances for audiences have been acclaimed across America and abroad. His dramas relay the stories of fugitive slaves, civil rights game-changers, sports heroes and freedom fighters. Dynamic multi-character portrayals offer penetrating views into parallel lives whose roles within African American history have shaped a richer total American experience. Wiley’s remarkable one-man “cast” sometimes introduces dozens of characters during the course of a single play. Morphing from young to old, man to woman, African American to white, his gripping stories enlighten and inspire audiences of every age to apply history’s lessons to events and situations of the present.

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