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Moving Toward Better Communication: The Body Doesn't Lie

Moving Toward Better Communication:  The Body Doesn't Lie

Popular science confirms that 93% of daily communication is non-verbal.  When we interact with others, we continuously give and receive wordless signals.  If you want to become a better communicator and collaborator, it’s important to gain awareness not only of the body language and non-verbal cues of others, but also of your own.  Participants will be led through fun and engaging exercises that increase the skill of interpreting non-verbal cues.  There are no tricks.  This cannot be faked.  Real people, effectively communicating honest and original messages, are critical to creating successful and innovative collaborations.

“I cannot express in words the impact of your program yesterday afternoon…this event will be difficult to surpass!”
— Ellen Rozak, RN

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Black Box Dance Theatre is a Raleigh based company with expertise in making dance relevant, inspirational, and natural for all bodies and persons.  Artistic Director, Michelle Pearson, is a master facilitator. Her 20+ years of experience make her a true ambassador of creativity.  She is joined by a diverse cohort (including an engineer, a hip hop dancer, a yoga teacher, and an Army Veteran/Wounded Warrior) in bringing excellent movement programs into the real world.  Clients include the US Department of State, Arts NC, Red Hat, Harvard Medical School, NC Center for Creative Aging, William Friday Fellowship, the NC Museum of Art, and Camp Lejeune.  BBDT believes the best way to understand something differently/deeper/authentically is to embody it and then make it move!   


Legend in My Heart trailer
Published on Feb 25, 2016

This documentary follows four renowned American artists—two writers, a choreographer, and a composer—as they travel to Guangzhou, China, on a cultural diplomacy mission to engage disabled and non-disabled populations by collaborating and creating together.

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