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Fam Jam

Fam Jam

There’s no such thing as work-life balance. There’s just life and how we choose to spend it. Including family helps foster a holistic approach that removes a bit of the separation between work and home. Bringing family into the fold, we nurture a larger whole-person concept rather than merely pushing professional development. D4C helps families play together at company outings to generate good will and bonding.  Creating occasions where families become friends boosts connection and loyalty, and ultimately impacts organizational culture and retention. All programs are tailored to meet host company needs.

“There are few experiences in life where a group as large as ours — we had nearly 100 people — can all actively participate simultaneously without any prior training.”
— Stacy Fair MEd, Director of Parent & Family Services, NC State University

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Drum for Change programs help people live, work, and play well together.  It’s serious work, but serious work need not be joyless.  D4C helps you skillfully and gracefully provoke, perturb, and challenge each other in hands-on, immersive, and playful ways.  The goal is to develop the understanding that we're all in this together. Drum for Change helps you come to life (and come alive) more fully with transformative programs that foster vibrant and viable cultures through the use of an interactive format that incorporates wellness practices designed to reconnect people and planet.  We just happen to do it using music as the metaphor for playing nicely together.  D4C brings a van full of instruments to your venue for programs that are lively, loud, and fun.  You provide the space and the seating.  Together we create connections.


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