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Crafting the Narrative

Crafting the Narrative

Want to wow them before you even speak?  It starts with the speech.  Theme: Writing to impress. In a single afternoon, learn to write a speech that will get them on your side.  This class is a crash course (one two-hour class) in writing a speech that will slay.  Its not enough to be loud, fast, and confident.  You also need to have something to say.  Students will learn about rising and falling action, climax, the use of humor, Onomatopoeia, repetition, slang and how to use quotes, examples and statistics appropriately.  Classes will be limited to 20.  Burning Coal will work with company to modify the class to fit its specific needs.

The summer course was challenging and exciting. I will certainly attend again as soon as time allows! My growth as an actor and as a director is immeasurable thanks to Burning Coals unique opportunities.
–Robyne Parrish, Artistic Director/Gilbert Theatre (Fayetteville)

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Burning Coal is an intimate, professional theatre in Raleigh.  Its mission is to create literate, visceral, affecting theatre that is experienced rather than just seen.  In 20 years, Burning Coal has grown from a small start-up with a budget of $30K to one of the southeast’s most innovative theatres with a budget over $500K.  In 2014, Coal became the first theatre in the world to present Tony Award winning playwright David Edgar’s Iron Curtain Trilogy, then took the three productions to London, where the productions received a 4-star review from the Guardian’s Michael Billington.


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