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What is a Folksinger? Bob Dylan!

What is a Folksinger? Bob Dylan!

Bob Dylan, one of the most famous singer/songwriters of the last 50 years, started out as a folksinger in Greenwich Village. Through Dylan's songs, Jim Martz will open the students' eyes to the wide variety of music which we label as "folk music." With a variety of instruments, Jim will show how protest songs, love ballads, blues, and witty ditties are all in the arsenal of this iconic American folksinger. The students will learn how contemporary and traditional folksongs have been used to effect societal change in politics and civil rights - not only in history, but also in our current culture. They will also understand the importance of storytelling and the use of poetic imagery in the creation of lyrics. Using the humor, wit and energetic delivery of the young Dylan, Jim will bring the students a profound appreciation of the artist - one of the definitive American Folksingers. They will know what makes a folksinger!

Artist Background

As both a musician and a theatre professional for over forty years, Jim has shared his passion for story-telling through the performing arts as both teacher and performer. His teaching experience encompasses all levels - from K-5 through University. His performances include musical theatre, folk, rock, jazz and traditional Celtic music on a wide variety of instruments from banjo to bagpipes.

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