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Topography maps: social studies, writing & art

Topography maps: social studies, writing & art
In this residency, students will be introduced to three different kinds of maps - topographical, city and mental maps. Basic map reading skills will be covered, and students will try their hand at being a cartographer. Students will create their own imaginative topographical maps using the Japanese method of Suminagashi ink marbling. Then students will work to design their own symbols and write an accompanying short story about their fictitious landscape. A minimum of three days is recommended for this residency but the program can be adapted for two days. The price includes a meeting with lead teachers to tailor the project to your classroom.

Artist Background

Shannon Newby has a passion for facilitating playful and creative learning experiences. She has a background in education and studio art, and has taught workshops in both traditional and nontraditional settings, including museums, churches, schools, community centers, festivals, and Etsy headquarters in Brooklyn NY. Shannon is an exhibiting member of Artspace and Visual Art Exchange and currently heads up the Launch program (a retail incubator for emerging handmade businesses) at Visual Art Exchange. She has created large scale, site-specific installations for Marbles Kids Museum in Raleigh and the Portland Children's Museum in Portland, Oregon.

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