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The Three Bears' Guide to Porridge Making

The Three Bears' Guide to Porridge Making
All According to Taste: The Three Bears' Guide to Porridge Making is a look at the traditional story of Goldilocks with an eye toward embracing our differences - that is, we don't all have to like our porridge prepared the same way to enjoy porridge. Libretto by Daniel Gainey, music by Michael William Balfe. Our objectives are to help young audiences: 1) learn how music can be part of story telling; 2) explore how the human voice works; 3) learn about opera as a story told with music; 4) explore the ways knowledge can be gained through reading; 5) investigate the dangers of making assumptions; 6) explore the meaning of foolish pride; 7) and of course, entertain.

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Since 1994 FBN Productions OPERA FOR KIDS has brought professional opera, designed with young audiences in mind, to over 200,000 people in SC, NC and GA. Our mission is to serve as a classroom resource by promoting music-drama(opera) as a synthesis of all disciplines of the human experience;to provide a performance outlet and bridge from the academic world to the professional world for young classically trained singers. We strive to entertain.

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