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The Storycrafters

The Storycrafters
Internationally renowned, award-winning tandem storytellers Jeri Burns PhD and Barry Marshall present performance programs using storytelling to support many areas of curriculum. Program themes are worked out with individual schools, and can include literacy/ELA programming, social studies curriculum, character education, multi-cultural education, more! Teacher's prep & follow-up materials, provided before The Storycrafters visit, give info and exercises to enhance the use of storytelling in the classroom before and after the performances. For more info about this group, precise program and schedule info, please visit their website at

Artist Background

Barry Marshall and Jeri Burns PhD have been working together as The Storycrafters since 1991. They have presented performances, workshops and residencies using the art of storytelling in the US, Europe, and the West Indies. The Storycrafters use world folklore to integrate storytelling into many aspects of curriculum, including ELA, Creative Writing, Social Studies, Character Ed., Multi-cultural Ed., and more. Their unique musical duo-style of storytelling integrates ethnic and folk musical instruments, song, and dance into the stories. They have won many awards for their work, including Parent's Choice, Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, Storytelling World, and the Gold Award for Artistic Excellence from the Cayman National Cultural Foundation.

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