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The Secret Life of Walter Manny

The Secret Life of Walter Manny
Walter Manny is a young hero-in-training who is overpowered by his own imagination. Considered a weirdo by his peers, Walter is swept up into high-octane reveries of racecar driving, firefighting and secret-agent spying. Fantasy becomes reality when a fire threatens the classroom and Walter must learn to control his overactive imagination to save his best friend's life. This is a story about the power of the imagination in which the characters learn about self-control and respect.

Artist Background

Trent Arterberry is an award-winning performing artist whose unique brand of physical theatre combines masterful mime, poignant monologue, comedic speaking characters, dramatic narratives,
eccentric dance, and offbeat puppetry. Arterberry is currently touring across the US and Canada to schools, community theatres, festivals and libraries with three different one-man shows. He also tours
as one-half of the theatrical production Super Scientific Circus.

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