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The Science and Math of Harp Music

The Science and Math of Harp Music
Using the Big Harp and small ones, Holly illuminates concepts in music, acoustical science and math, all aligned with state standards. Each assembly is tailored for primary (K-2), intermediate (3-5), or middle school. Students listen, sing, clap, try new vocabulary in musical and scientific languages, solve problems and predict outcomes. Topics include vibration, frequency, patterns, sound box, high/low pitch, natural/synthetic materials, strength of shapes, string length, the human voice, purposes of music, historical roles of musicians in society, and word origins. Holly plays both popular and classical music on the Big Harp, weaves in fun harp facts and stories, and leaves time at the end for questions! Each assembly serves one age group: K-2, 3-5, or middle school.  A single fee includes up to three assemblies in a morning or afternoon, serving different levels with age-appropriate learning. 

Artist Background

Holly's Harps is an award-winning program based in music, with optional extensive curriculum in STEM, history and language arts. Holly's Harps offers both assemblies and hands-on workshops (with 30 harps for students to play). Holly of Holly's Harps is a real person! Winner of the Continuing Creativity Award for her teaching, Holly believes there is no "one size fits all" in learning. She creates activities to meet state standards for each grade, yet her programs are unique in the country. Holly serves over 21,000 students per year with musical experiences that deepen children's understanding. Holly is founder of Lyrica, whose first recording won the Davies Prize. She is also a cathedral musician and harpist for ensembles in USA and Europe.

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