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The Mime Who Talks! or The Scientific Mime!

The Mime Who Talks! or The Scientific Mime!
"The Mime Who Talks!" tells stories about the importance of failure and positive thinking on the road to success, uses juggling as a metaphor (she drops!), contains a lecture-demonstration connecting mime and ELA, and includes silent mime (ELA, PE, and Health).
"The Scientific Mime" asks and answers: "Whats up with gravity (and other invisible forces)?" It's an interactive mime and comedy exploration of scientific concepts (Science). 

Artist Background

Sheila Kerrigan has performed and taught in schools and communities in 22 states. She co-directed and performed with TOUCH Mime Theater for 17 years, and directed and performed with Jelly Educational Theater for 4. She wrote "The Performer's Guide to the Collaborative Process." She served with Alternate ROOTS' Resources for Social Change and taught "Community-Based Performance, Where Art and Activism Intersect" at Duke. She works with youth-at-risk to create original performances about issues important to them. A former Fellow with the A+ Schools Program and current president of the SE Center for Arts Integration, she teaches arts integration theory & practice to teachers. She has studied teaching artistry with The Kennedy Center, and at Trinity College, Dublin.

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