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The Magic of A Cappella

The Magic of A Cappella
In this program students will become familiar with the following topics: 1. vocal roles within an a cappella group, including the rhythm section (bass and vocal percussion); 2. improvisational vocal techniques used to imitate instrument sounds; 3. the science of sound, including how technology assists singers to create the representation of various instruments; 4. specific technological tools used and their purpose; 5. vocal techniques used to achieve specific sound effects outside instrument imitation; 6. active listening to identify the substance of the music being arranged, and how to translate it to voices only; 7. characteristics of modern a cappella, including vocal percussion and creativity. Vocabulary and musical concepts will be increasingly elevated and more in depth to target specific age groups. High school students, for example, will learn more about the physics of sound and more complicated components of Transit's sound system than elementary students.

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Transit Vocal Band has performed for audiences of up to 40,000 people in venues across the US and has produced award-winning albums! Our cast of professional musicians has educated and entertained over 800 school audiences since its inception in 2005, and has experience teaching K-12 and college level students. Updated yearly with fresh and unique material, we now offer THREE exciting educational programs! The Evolution of A Cappella traces historical development of the contemporary a cappella genre. The Magic of A Cappella reveals how science and technology can enhance the a cappella sound. New for 2017-2019, A Cappella Recreates the Genres inspires artistic innovation by demonstrating vocal interpretations of popular musical styles!

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