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The Fastest Plane

The Fastest Plane
Around the world in 45 minutes: a multi-lingual program that discusses: Geography, Social Studies, Language Arts, Reading, International Studies, Character Education, Foreign Languages and/or Environmental Science. An entertaining, international, dynamic program that weaves the power of dance, theatre, music and storytelling together. As the bamboo flute sounds, open up your imagination and prepare to embark on our journey. Travel back in time and across the world, landing in a time when animals could talk and some people could understand them! Dance through the streets of Brazil, Mexico, India and even the United States. Walk away ready to say "hello"ť in Spanish, English, Portuguese and Hindi. Leave the program with the knowledge of what a folk tales is and the desire to read, write and even tell other stories. Tales told are customized based on the Common Core focus area selected and the grade level(s) of the audience.

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Story Tapestries creates educational, entertaining, international programs that weave the power of dance, music, and theatre. Master Artist Arianna Ross has performed for audiences from 50-10,000 people and for children and adults with equal success. She custom design programs to fit the needs of your audience. For 16 years, she has performed and taught across the United States in festivals, concert halls, colleges, libraries, schools, and community centers. Organization she has worked with include: National Theatre, East TN University, Hillwood Museum, Houma Regional Arts Council, LA, the United Arts Council of Raleigh, NC, Young Audiences of MD, Washington Performing Arts Society, and the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

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