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Stories and Legends of the Cherokee

Stories and Legends of the Cherokee
Master teller Lloyd Arneach relates his stories in a style that is at once humorous, gentle, informative and extremely moving, ranging from the "old stories" of the Cherokee to contemporary Indian stories he has collected. Though some of these are difficult for him to tell because of the strong feelings associated with his experiences as a Native American, Lloyd's presentations are always uplifting. In the tradition of oral storytelling as a way to pass on values, moral lessons and rich personal histories, Lloyd helps students of all ages find the best lessons, the positive outcomes, the real gifts within the tales. Lloyd considers himself a non-traditional storyteller and sometimes includes an inspirational story or two of great Americans from all backgrounds and walks of life - celebrating with his audiences those who have triumphed over adversity in life.

Artist Background

Lloyd Arneach was born and reared on the Cherokee Reservation in NC, where he learned his first legends from two storytelling uncles. Lloyd's stories range from "Old Stories" of the Cherokee to those of contemporary Native Americans. He lectures on Cherokee history and culture, and tells stories of Native history from other tribes. His book "Long Ago Stories of the Eastern Cherokee" is an insightful look into the folklore and lives of the Cherokee, past and present. In 1992, Children's Press published his book “The Animals’ Ballgame” based on one of Lloyd's favorite Cherokee children's stories. His CD “Can You Hear the Smoke?” presents his own adaptations of traditional tales. Lloyd resides in Cherokee, NC when not performing and teaching.

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