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Stage Plays and Screenplays

Stage Plays and Screenplays
Students will write and produce an original stage production, or film. Designed to look closely at how to create characters, develop dialogue, and structure a forward-moving plot, all while writing from generative themes of interest to the students. They will work independently, in small groups, and large groups.

Artist Background

Winner of the Excellence in Teaching Award from UNC-Chapel Hill, Richard Krawiec has taught in public schools for 3 decades.He excels at motivating all students, from the gifted to those with behavioral & developmental challenges. His passionate, humorous, workshops are highly energetic, enthusiastic, engaging and based on solid pedagogy. He has published two adult novels, a story collection, four plays, two poetry books, a chapter book for children, 2 Young Adult biographies and hundreds of stories, poems, and essays, many on issues of best educational practices. His magazine feature articles have won national and regional honors. His many awards include Fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts and the N.C. Arts Council(twice).

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