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Sounds Crazy - The Science of Sound

Sounds Crazy - The Science of Sound
Al uses his songs and homemade musical instruments to demonstrate the science behind the music. Students will learn: How String, Brass, Woodwind and Percussion instruments produce sound; The principles of sound waves, vibrations, resonance, and pitch; To reproduce a variety of styles of songs by singing along; To reproduce specific pitches through call-and response activities and singing games; To recognize a tempo, keep a steady beat and create complex rhythms using the voice, body percussion and "found"ť materials; How to enhance music using appropriate vocal and rhythmic responses (high, low, soft, loud, fast, slow, and silent).

Artist Background

Al Simmons is a creative genius whose charm and humanity have won over a legion of fans at theatres and festivals around the world. His highly original performances of profound wackiness and array of off-the-wall inventions take the arts of Music and Comedy to unparalleled heights of hilarity. He has been an entertainer and educator since 1970. In his school shows, Juno Award-winner Al Simmons uses his talents as an Inventive Musical Comedian to broaden students' appreciation and understanding of a wide variety of music.

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