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Rhymes and Rhythms

Rhymes and Rhythms
Take a trip to Rhyme Island and have an adventure with the magic of words! In this residency, students will learn how sound and rhythm work in poetry -- from basic rhymes and alliteration to slant rhymes and rhyme schemes that singers, freestyle rappers, and songwriters use. Beginning with the basics on how to write rhyming couplets and quatrains, students can progress into other forms such as the Clerihew, limerick, triolet, and parody. Rhyming poems can incorporate all sorts of topics and concepts the students are studying in science, social studies and language arts. We will also discuss the process of editing and revising, as well as opportunities to enter student poetry contests and get published.

Artist Background

Michael Beadle is an award-winning poet, author, historian and teaching artist with a passion for language, writing and literature. He has taught in the classroom since 1999 and performed poetry professionally since 1998. His focus in teaching is to encourage, inspire and challenge writers to express themselves and become more confident with writing so they can continue to be lifelong learners and creative problem solvers. Michael’s background includes five years as a high school English teacher and 15 as a journalist. He has authored three poetry chapbooks, a poetry CD, and three books on Haywood County (NC) history. In 2012, he was selected as a poet-in-residence at the NC Zoo. He also manages student contests for the NC Poetry Society.

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