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Project Olé - Performance

Project Ole - Performance
For a Lecture Demonstration, the troupe consists of at least two professional dancers, a singer and a guitarist. One of the dancers is also a trained Teaching Artist who engages the audience and explains the various parts of the program. Students are introduced to the rhythms and emotions of flamenco, its origins in Southern Spain, and its multicultural influences: Andalusian, Gypsy, North African, Arabic and Judaic and Latin American. During the program, students listen to the castañuelas (castanets), the taconeo (footwork), and the palmas (rhythmic hand claps). The Artists demonstrate dances and songs spanning a range of emotions from joy to sorrow, anger to exuberance.

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Carlota Santana Spanish Dance Company is the nation's premier flamenco and Spanish dance company celebrating our 30th Anniversary. We believe that the universal spirit of flamenco, a multicultural art form, has the power to build bridges between cultures and inspire audiences from diverse backgrounds. Project Olé, our Arts Education initiative, reaches thousands of students in our home bases of New York, North Carolina and throughout the country. This year we led residencies at Avery Middle School, Forest Hills Elementary, Eastern Elementary and Clarkton School of Discovery. Each residency includes a Lecture Demonstration, 4 class sessions daily, and culminates in a final student showing with full costume and live musical accompaniment.

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