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Poetry Residencies for High School Students

Poetry Residencies for High School Students
WRITING FREE VERSE POETRY: Poetry; it's not just something to dread on the EOCs! Your students will stun strangers with similes, mix it up with metaphors and ignite their imaginations through imagery after a weeklong Free Verse Poetry Residency. Their ability to understand literature will improve, along with their writing across the curriculum. Mimi Herman will help them fall in love with poetry and create a lifetime relationship with the written word. WRITING FORMAL POETRY: Maybe your students think the word "formal"ť only applies to prom. Or perhaps they're mystified by meter, rhyme, alliteration, assonance, consonance, sonnets, villanelles and sestinas . . . and dreading that moment of reckoning, the EOCs. In this residency, Mimi Herman will help them discover the delights of formal poetry as they experiment with the magic of meter and learn how writing within the strict rules of form can actually be reassuring, or even an adventure.

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Mimi Herman transforms lives.She has taught over 25,000 students and teachers to fall in love with writing. Mimi provides what every writer needs: a gentle tug in the right direction, active listening and consultation, a good dose of writing technique, and the belief that they can do wonderful things. Mimi is the director of the United Arts Council Arts Integration Institute and offers writing retreats in Italy and France. In addition to teaching creative writing, she offers hands-on workshops and institutes for teachers, administrators, parents and teaching artists. Mimi is an associate editor for Teaching Artist Journal and has participated in the Kennedy Center Seminar, Artists as Educators: Planning Effective Workshops for Teachers.

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