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PhotoPoetry: Reading Images/Writing Poetry

PhotoPoetry: Reading Images/Writing Poetry

What can you learn from looking deeper into a photo of a Civil Rights demonstration or a refugee from Syria? What is the story that whispers from today's newspaper photos? How can poetry help inform our experience of visual history? These are some of the questions to explore in this 3-day residency. Using famous images from Time magazine or contemporary photos of cultures beyond our own, students will learn the art of reading visuals to create powerful, original poems full of strong word choices and metaphorical language. Beginning with word lists and brainstorming and then developing observation techniques, students will see the world with keen eyes and learn to tell the story of a picture with poetic skill. Warning: some of the imaginations may catch fire.

Artist Background

Michael Beadle is the author of five poetry books, a poetry CD, and three books on historical photographs of Haywood County in western NC. In 2012, Michael was selected as a poet-in-residence at the North Carolina Zoo.  For the past several years, Michael has been an emcee for the NC Poetry Out Loud state finals and served as statewide coordinator of student poetry contests for the NC Poetry Society. Over the past 20 years, he's performed original, contemporary, and classical poetry in schools, festivals, libraries, churches and other venues. As a touring writer-in-residence, he teaches creative writing workshops for students and teachers throughout North Carolina, including Duke Young Writers' Camp and Duke University. 

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