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Otto von Guericke: the Inventor of NOTHING

Otto von Guericke: the Inventor of NOTHING
Otto von Guericke was truly a renaissance man. He not only helped rebuild his city of Magdeburg, Germany from the devastation of the Thirty Year Wars but also served as its mayor for thirty years. It was his parallel life as a natural philosopher (scientist) and inventor that intrigues us today. Von Guericke proved that a vacuum could exist, leading the way to further research into electronics and other innovations. In this program we will explore how science was reawakened by brave men such as von Guericke. You will see some of the famous demonstrations he did for the royalty of Europe and truly appreciate the strength of air pressure.

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Rick Brown has been a science teacher for 15 years. He has taught grades K-10 including academically gifted students. The last six years of his teaching career, he helped open a private school that tripled its enrollment while he was there. He developed both the Science and Math curricula. He then became a science educator at a science museum for five years developing and performing science programs for all ages including adults. The last four years, since moving to North Carolina, he has worked independently bringing these programs to schools in the Triangle.

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