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Newly Grown Tales: Literary Plays

Newly Grown Tales: Literary Plays
Attic Salt offers five performances which promote Language Arts Standards while delivering messages about courage, gratitude and respect. Students gain a better understanding of the cultural significance and structure of folk tales, tall tales and myths while practicing listening skills and learning new vocabulary. THE TALE OF THE PIG: This hilarious version of a Romanian folk tale uses a large puppet to portray Frederick, the magical pig, as he meets a Princess who can’t learn to be happy with what she has. NEWLY GROWN TALES: IMPROVISED STORYTELLING: Audiences work with actors to create new folk tales. This show offers a hands-on approach to learning how stories are made. GREEK MYTHS! Classic Greek myths such as Narcissus and Echo are brought to life with humor and wit. TRICKY, TRICKY TRICKSTER TALES: A fun, high energy exploration of Indian, Peruvian, African and Native American folk tales. THE TALLEST TALES EVER TOLD: Retells some of America’s best and most adventurous tall tale.

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Attic Salt is a not-for-profit company founded by a group of artists with passion for theatre, writing and education. They began touring in New York, often working in high-needs schools. Now located in North Carolina, their productions regularly have sold-out houses. The leaders of Attic Salt, Marci Bernstein and Jeff Catanese, have worked with directors such as Woody Allen and Martin Scorsese. They have nearly 20 years of experience as teaching artists and some of their original children's plays have been adapted into books by Scholastic. Attic Salt programs promote English Language Arts Standards while building student confidence and community. Their in-school programs foster creativity which helps students learn effectively and with joy.

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