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Mosaic - Building an Arts in Public Places

Mosaic - Building an Arts in Public Places

Create a legacy that will establish your school's identity for the community for years to come. Prior to the residency, students submit artwork to the visiting artist, based on something they are studying or a school-wide theme. The artist uses the designs, culminating in one final plan for the wall, then enlarges it to a 6 foot by 4 foot design, divides it into 12" squares and transfers it to cartooning paper. In addition to the school mosaic, each student will design and create a 4"x4" mosaic to take home. In this residency, students discover first-hand how professional artists use math--angles, ratios, geometric shapes and measurement--by using the "tesserae" to outline and fill in their mosaics. The 12" square tiles will be combined and cemented to a wall visible to everyone who enters your school. Students will complete all finishing and end up with a mosaic that will last for years and become a symbol of collaboration and community in your school. 

Artist Background

Kim Silbaugh has been teaching kids to love learning since 1980.  Loving the integration between the arts and the content areas and technology, she put the A in STEM before anyone ever heard of STEAM.  Kim has presented at national conferences, received awards for excellence in education, as well as being a recipient of the Power of Art awarded by Robert Rauschenberg. She has been involved with the Kennedy Center teaching artist program, participated in an internship in Ravenna Italy doing mosaics, and has been displayed in juried shows throughout the country. Kim offers several United Arts Council STEAM residencies. 

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