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Meet Sir Isaac Newton

Meet Sir Isaac Newton
Sir Isaac Newton makes a guest appearance to talk to students of all ages about his life, and how he changed the world of science. Sir Isaac will bring his Laws of Motion and Theory of Gravitation to life for your students. He starts by telling the students about his early life and about the famous the story of the apple falling on his head. Since man has always wanted to move things, so Sir Isaac shows how they got better at doing just that. Students try to break the third Law of Motion which deals with action-reaction. Using students to help, Sir Isaac demonstrates his three laws of motion in fun and exciting ways. He marvels at all the ways that the Laws of Motion have been used for by mankind including especially the space travel that has taken place during the last 60 years. This program can be adjusted to fit students of all ages.

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Rick Brown has been a science teacher for 15 years. He has taught grades K-10 including academically gifted students. The last six years of his teaching career, he helped open a private school that tripled its enrollment while he was there. He developed both the Science and Math curricula. He then became a science educator at a science museum for five years developing and performing science programs for all ages including adults. The last four years, since moving to North Carolina, he has worked independently bringing these programs to schools in the Triangle.

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