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Mask Dance & Drama from Japan

Mask Dance & Drama from Japan
This program introduces students to the myths, arts, and culture of Japan. The audience members will learn about Japanese mythological figures, instruments used for Japanese traditional music, and cultural values of Japanese people. Elementary students will engage in story analysis after watching a dance-drama, Orochi: Concur of a Giant Serpent, based on Japan's oldest myth. Middle school students will learn about Shintoism, Japan's indigenous religion. High school students will learn how Shintoism has been used by different political powers to advance their individual goals. Regardless of the grade level of the audience, this program includes a lot of active audience participation; singing a Japanese song, trying on a mask of Hyottoko, the Funny Man, taking a role in a dance-drama, to name a few. This program aligns with the Common Core State and North Carolina Essential Standards in English language arts, Social Studies, Dance, Music, and Theatre arts.

Artist Background

While living in Bali, Surapsari mastered a wide range of Balinese dance in both male and female forms, as well as shadow puppetry. She co-founded Purnama Sari in 2000, with the purpose of promoting Balinese performing arts. Purnama Sari is featured in the Florida State Touring Roster. In addition to Balinese dance, Surapsari has been studying Bharatanatyam Indian dance, under the guidance of Shaila Sateesh from Bangalore, India. She has been performing Balinese and Indian performing arts internationally. Surapsari is also a certified teaching artist and offers arts integrated lessons, residencies, and workshops at preK-12 conventional and ESE schools. Surapsari holds a Master's degree in Intercultural Relations from Lesley University.

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