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Life Is So Good

Life Is So Good
This collaboration between EbzB Productions & Mike Wiley Productions is based on the best-selling book that tells the true story of an African-American man's century long quest to learn to read. Also a story of two men - one looking back into history, and one looking forward to the future - the show follows George Dawson's remarkable life, and the unique friendship between him & author Richard Glaubman, showing us the entire 20th century through his eyes and detailing his determination to continue his education and become literate after nearly a century of life. The inspirational tale offers valuable lessons in living fully, and a first-hand view of America during the 20th century. Insights into humanity, history, hardships, honor, and happiness - from segregation & civil rights, to wars, presidents, and defining moments in history, Dawson manages to find the secret of a long, happy life in a simple philosophy: "Life is so good. And I do believe it's getting better!"

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The nationally touring and award-winning production company of EbzB Productions' workshops can be applied to grades 3-12 upon request and with required joint planning with faculty. Endorsed by numerous state & local arts councils, EbzB has trained with the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts' Artists as Educators Program, and the Lincoln Center Institute's International Educator Program to conduct workshops in arts integration. EbzB Productions has established a solid reputation for its work with middle & high school classes to create historical narrative based on classroom oral history projects as well as specifically tailored residencies & workshops. Student workshops often are presented in tandem with scheduled performances.

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