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Let's Write A Play! 5 day residency grades k-4

Let's Write A Play! 5 day residency grades k-4
In this five-day residency, students will learn the building blocks of a story. They will then use "on your feet" theatre exercises to create a story, explore skills for acting out the story, discover ways to reveal character through their bodies and voices and learn ways to turn narration into dialogue. The result is a play of their own which they can rehearse and perform at a later date. Teachers may choose to create an original fairy tale, a "How Come" story similar to Native American legends or a story which teaches a lesson. RLT teacher may visit four classes per day. Exercises are adjusted according to age group; for example the older students may do more work in small groups.

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Now in its 29th year, Raleigh Little Theatre's Education Program provides children 4-12 years as well as teens with comprehensive training in the art of theatre. All of the teachers representing RLT have at least a BA degree in Theatre and/or at least 20 years experience teaching theatre classes. Raleigh Little Theatre is dedicated to the belief that theatre training promotes self esteem, builds confidence, stimulates creativity, sharpens communication skills, fosters an appreciation of community, raises cultural awareness, celebrates diversity, encourages respect for self and others and lays a foundation for a lifelong love of the arts. The study of theatre not only trains students to be better actors, it inspires them to be better people.

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