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Legocies Brick by Brick

Legocies Brick by Brick
Students build a physical representation of their personal legacy brick by brick using LEGO® Education StoryStarter kits. Students will photograph their Legocy sculptures and write a creative writing piece describing their personal legacy. Students will learn about various artists that use LEGO® bricks to bring their artistic ideas to life such as sculptor, Nathan Sawaya, Legographer, Andrew Whyte, and sculpture, Sean Kenney. This program can be adapted for grades 4-12 because of the shared Common Core objective: Write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences or events using effective technique, descriptive details, and clear event sequences. This program can be adapted to focus on the legacies of historical, contemporary, and cultural figures and events. This program can be tailored to meet specific grade level standards and school needs. Other possibilities for tailored programs include: bullying, leadership, character development, and Covey's Seven Habits.

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Brick Scholars' STEAM-focused curriculum provides engaging, creative and fun educational programs and professional development using LEGO® Education products. Programs are facilitated by a certified LEGO® Education Academy trainer, LEGO® Serious Play® facilitator and North Carolina teacher with a BA in Special and Elementary Education and a MA in Creative Writing. Brick Scholars' classes are designed using Best Practices teaching and learning methods. Each class uses a standards-based curriculum and integrates research-based and brain-based educational theory, including LEGO® Education pedagogy and the learning theory Constructivism. Creativity and fun are the focus; learning is the outcome. Learning Creatively. . . .

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