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Keeping the Beat

Keeping the Beat

Footworks conveys the joy of dance while illuminating the historical and multicultural perspectives of American percussive dances. The program includes live music, American clogging and hamboning, Irish step dance, African dance, call-and-answer songs and more. Footworks specializes in performing the music and dance that developed across the continent, stemming from African-American, Celtic, and Native American cultural traditions. Students will learn about the diversity and commonality of the people of North Carolina, the United States, and the world. They will also learn the multicultural nature of our country and how these cultures borrowed and shared traditions resulting in new traditions. Students will gain an understanding of music and dance as an essential aspect of history and human experience. The program includes lots of participation and students will learn fun and simple rhythm sequences. Curriculum Connections: Multicultural, History/Social Studies, Music, Dance, and P.E.

Artist Background

Footworks is internationally renowned for its theater, festival, and Arts-In-Education performances. Having toured internationally since 1979, Footworks brings a wealth of experience and skill to programming in North Carolina schools. The company is dedicated to teaching and working with youth and is recognized for over 38 years in Arts-In-Education. Founding Director Eileen Carson Schatz is a National Endowment for the Arts Choreography Fellow and a Certified Teaching Artist. Footworks remains true to traditional American music and percussive dance, and presents connected roots and branches from many cultures. All of Footworks' programming is a celebration of the cultural diversity found in the United States.

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