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Japanese Calligraphy Workshop

Japanese Calligraphy Workshop

Japanese calligraphy is more than writing words with a bruch pen and ink. It is a way to reach quiet mind through the art of writing. When we create each stroke with breath and mindfulness, we feel silence and peace deep within. At this workshop, students will first learn about the history of Japanese calligraphy and basics of Japanese alphabets through a PowerPoint presentation. They will proceed to practice writing their name mindfully using a brush pen and ink.

Artist Background

Surapsari ("Sari") was born and grew up in Japan, learning the art of Japanese calligraphy, tea ceremony, and flower arrangement. Living abroad since she was twenty-five enabled her to understand Japanese traditions from a multicultural perspective. During this process, she further deepened her love for Japanese classical arts and studied in Kagura, the centuries old mask dance and drama from Japanese Shinto shrines. Surapsari has been performing, teaching, and lecturing internationally. She has been sharing the art of Japanese calligraphy with American teens and adults at schools, public libraries, and community centers.

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