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Jack Golden: Workshops for students

Jack Golden: Workshops for students
Workshops are available only in conjunction with a performance. Students will explore the art of physical theater and learn the basics of juggling, mime, magic and movement. They will be actively engaged with these new skills and will discover how the arts can be used to express ideas in new, exciting ways. Theater is a great vehicle to develop self esteem, movement, juggling and mime (areas in which sequencing is an integral part of the experience). All this while students study the finer points of going down imaginary staircases, vanishing into the floor. Learning was never so much fun! Maximum 30 students.

Artist Background

Jack Golden began his actor-mime-juggler career in the late 1970s. He was the featured clown with the Pickle Family Circus of San Francisco and a founding member of The Wright Brothers (a vaudeville touring company voted "Best of Fest"ť at the 1987 International Clown & Mime festival), and he has performed at Lincoln Center. He began a solo career in 1989, and he has created and performed nationally acclaimed, award-winning educational programs for schools and theaters. In addition Mr. Golden conducts innovative and interactive workshops for students and adults at all levels. He has taught at Boston University, Savannah College of Arts & Design, New England Circus Center Academy, and numerous elementary and middle schools across the country.

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