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Gregg Gelb and La Fiesta Latin Jazz Ensemble

Gregg Gelb and La Fiesta Latin Jazz Ensemble

Students will learn about the history and process of jazz through La Fiesta Latin Jazz Quartet’s performance. The musicians will demonstrate the influence of Latin and African rhythms on the Early Jazz of New Orleans, Swing, Bebop and Modern jazz, and they will play music by players such as Duke Ellington, Dizzy Gillespie and Tito Puente. Students will be involved in call and response, and selected volunteers will improvise either vocally or instrumentally with the band. Rick Coates, music teacher at the Governor Morehead School: "Gregg, thank you again for a great performance and clinic. I think the high points for me were when you got the audience into singing and your clarinet solo on Caravan."

Artist Background

La Fiesta Latin Jazz Ensemble comprises players from North Carolina, some of whom are originally from the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. They perform throughout North Carolina in schools, clubs and at festivals. The group is led and directed by Gregg Gelb, who for over 30 years has taught and played jazz throughout the Triangle. Gelb is the recipient of a NC Arts Council Jazz Fellowship  and is the Director of the Triangle Youth Jazz Ensemble.

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