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Green Screen - Where Are You?

Green Screen - Where Are You?

Using iPads and an app, students become video creators using Green Screen. As they explore a content area they combine and manipulate digital images, use a green screen stage to work with DoInk on iPads and create movies that virtually places them somewhere in the world other than the classroom. Students/teachers might focus on a specific content area using their final green screen video as an assessment. An example might be to create a script based on their knowledge of a habitat, locate video and photos to use in their video, and then put themselves into the habitat and discuss the diversity they see or describe the habitat. Older middle school students have the opportunity to research their topic and create to present their knowledge to the classroom. Students and teachers learn about the "rule of thirds" in videography, video as an authentic alternative assessment, all while being responsible for the scripting, acting, narration, sound and production of their video.

Artist Background

Kim Silbaugh has been a teaching kids to love learning since 1980. Loving the integration between the arts and the content areas and technology, she put the A in STEAM before anyone had ever heard of STEAM. Kim has presented at national conferences, received awards for excellence in education, as well as being a recipient of the Power of Art awarded by Robert Rauschenberg. She has been involved with the Kennedy Center teaching artist program, participated in an internship in Ravenna Italy doing mosaics, and has been displayed in juried shows throughout the country. Kim offers several United Arts Council STEAM residencies. 

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