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Exploring American Indian Traditions

Exploring American Indian Traditions
Students will explore the life of early American Indians in North Carolina by seeing and touching rabbit skins, a deer skin, cooking tools, toys and other artifacts still important to Native American culture. An authentic flute and hand drum will be demonstrated, including the tradition of handcrafting the flute and the hand drum. Students will learn about Pow-Wows and see a dancer's regalia. Students will be educated by the entertaining dramatization of the stories. Storytelling stimulates students' imaginations while creating a desire to read and to write. American Indians preserved their history through storytelling. Students will read a pictograph, a way Native Americans recorded their history and then can generate their own story, using native or their own symbols, and then share with classmates and parents. Students will learn about contemporary American Indian culture through this presentation; of practices and traditions focusing on dispelling stereotypes and raising awareness.

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Dedicated to American Indian cultural education. Lumbee tribal member. Developed cultural and diversity programs/presentations about American Indians presented to elementary schools, educators, university staff, corporations and general public. Engaging in literacy through storytelling. Storytelling stimulates students' imaginations creating a desire for students to read and to write. American Indians preserved their history through storytelling and children educated through stories. Received "Distinguished Service to Indian Education"ť award; from United Tribes of NC at 36th Annual NC Indian Unity Conference. Numerous plaques/certificates in appreciation for presentations. Handwritten thank you notes/posters from students.

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