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Discover the Power of the Written Word

Discover the Power of the Written Word

From the beginning of time, writing has had the ability to empower, anger, hurt, or excite someone. Through a series of creative writing, movement, storytelling and visual art exercises, students discover the power of their own words to tell a story, change someone's opinion or create an imaginary place. The students may also create a visual journal that uses a combination of drawing techniques, collage and word webs to brainstorm and tell different types of stories. Depending on the standards selected by the teacher and the age of the students, Arianna Ross will custom design a residency that incorporates the correct arts integration strategies for the right results with the individual students. The result may be that students write a fictional story, personal narrative, poetry, a play, or an essay. At the end, Arianna will coordinate a special writers' event where the students will either present, display or publish their writing for the community and the school to experience.

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Story Tapestries creates educational, entertaining, international programs that weave the power of dance, music, and theatre. Master Artist Arianna Ross has performed for audiences from 50-10,000 people and for children and adults with equal success. She custom design programs to fit the needs of your audience. For 18 years, she has performed and taught across the United States in festivals, concert halls, colleges, libraries, schools, and community centers. Organization she has worked with include: National Theatre, East TN University, Hillwood Museum, Houma Regional Arts Council, LA, the United Arts Council of Raleigh, NC, Young Audiences of MD, Washington Performing Arts Society, and the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

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