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Didgeridoo Down Under Show

Didgeridoo Down Under Show
Didgeridoo Down Under is a unique fusion of Australian music, culture, art, science, literacy development, comedy, character building, anti-bullying and audience participation. The didgeridoo, usually a hollow tree trunk, has been played by Aboriginal Australians for at least 1,500 years, and is known for its otherworldly sound. But DDU is much more than music. It's interactive, educational, motivational and highly entertaining ... for all ages! ** We tweak our programs according to age levels and learning objectives. Our middle school show, for instance, offers more mature social studies lessons and motivational messages than the elementary show, plus less puppetry and more musical interaction. ** DDU Mission: promote tolerance and respect for all people and cultures; further appreciation of world music and art; encourage environmental protection; expand students' vocabulary; help end bullying in schools; deliver superb fun!

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DDU is one of the most popular K-12 programs in the U.S. Since 2003, DDU performers have presented more than 5,000+ shows and workshops at schools and other venues. The multi-talented duo of Rob Thomas and Tanya Gerard are true didgeridoo pioneers in the U.S. They have played and made didgeridoos, and have taught thousands of people to play the didge, for 20-plus years. They've recorded several CDs, and have produced music for numerous films. They now are full-time DDU "edu-tainers." They focus on empowering kids to become better global citizens through messages about character building, environmentalism and literacy. Tanya grew up in Australia, and both she and Rob have traveled extensively abroad. They now live in North Carolina.

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